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Pencil by FiftyThree - A Farewell

A tone piece I cut together for a larger project on FiftyThree and Paper I’m developing.


At the library's craft night, I set out to create a truly terrible 90s design. The result was MUG.


A narrative short I shot and produced in a month as a Patreon fundraiser.

Nintendo Switch Preview

A review of my time at Nintendo's preview event for their newest console, the Switch.

This Is Bit Bash

A short promotional video showcasing Chicago Bit Bash, an annual indie game festival.

His Neck of the Woods

An artistic recreation of my first week-long visit to NYC for my friend's birthday, and a tribute to that friendship.

Hopper - Venice Beach

Created for Hopper’s defunct Discovery video feature.


Inspired by a shirt Drew Wise (@Dreweyes) made for The Yetee. And a certain blue blur.

The Dream

A 1-minute short I shot for a Film Riot contest. The first short I'm not also in!

Political Action in 5 Minutes

My contribution to a YouTube tag aiming to turn tag videos into positive political action.

Duct Tape Dave

A short doc about a local artist in Lockport, IL whose chosen medium is stickier than most.


An old short I shot and cut in a few hours about making what all of my friends have told me is a very boring sandwich.